DSNY Commissioner views Ridgewood snow removal


Crowley and Garcia meet with students.

On the heels of the historic blizzard whose remnants are still being felt on sidewalks and gutters everywhere, Ridgewood received a special visit from DSNY Commissioner Kathryn Garcia thanks to from Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

The two discussed the accuracy of the plow tracker technology and discussed how to better combat a blizzard in the future. One of the areas they visited together was PS 68, which is situated near Evergreen Park on St. Feliz Avenue.

“After the snow, New York City schools remained open despite significant travel difficulties. This was just one of the problems we faced during Jonas’ aftermath,” Crowley said. “With such a significant amount of snow left unplowed, especially around schools, it becomes an issue of public safety. I thank Commissioner Garcia for recognizing this and committing to better strategizing for the next storm, and am grateful to the Sanitation members who worked around the clock to meet our residents’ needs.”

Garcia said that the department of sanitation will do a full review of their overall storm response operation.