Ridgewood community garden opens for the spring

The Ridgewood Community Garden, now located at Grover Cleveland High School – Metropolitan Avenue between Armory Court and Tonsor Street – is hosting a spring opening celebration this Sunday form 11 am.m to 2 p.m.

Members of the community are invited to be a part of the green space to learn, socialize and enjoy the outdoors. From the event’s Facebook page:

– See the subirrigated planter prepared by GCHS students. We’ll be filling the bed with soil and transplanting veggie seedlings!
– Prepare and sow patches of wildflowers and sunflowers.
– Hat and Plant sale fundraiser
– Banner hanging
– Assemble our new wheelbarrow
– Transplant border plants

Get involved, bring a friend, and come see the great progress made on transforming the space. We’ll have some tools and gloves on hand, but feel free to bring your own shovels, trowels, or gloves along… the more the merrier.

For more information, visit the event on Facebook or read about how the garden came to be in the Glendale Register. 

Ridgewood community garden group starts GoFundMe

Volunteers work in the Garden. (Photo courtesy Ridgewood Community Garden on Facebook)

Volunteers work in the Garden. (Photo courtesy Ridgewood Community Garden on Facebook)

Volunteers with the Ridgewood Community Garden are in need of supplies and their turning to the community for help.

After nearly a year of hiatus, the group found a new spot near Grover Cleveland High School and is now launching a GoFundMe on their Facebook page, hoping to raise $2,000 for supplies:

We urgently need funds this season to build and outfit our new garden space before the cold winter months. We need materials to build organic planter beds, including wood and soil, and the tools to construct them. We need gardening and building tools, and an on-site storage site to house them.

We have received a ton of interest and support in our efforts, and now that we’ve gained access to our new lot, we need materials and funds to make this into the special place we know it can be. We know the community will come through to make this happen, and can’t wait to get to work!

Visit the group on Facebook or check out the GoFundMe for more information.

Community garden hosting work day this Saturday


Now that the Ridgewood Community Garden group has a new space in partnership with Grover Cleveland High School, they’re hosting their second work day this weekend.

The group is inviting residents interested in helping out to come check out the new space and prep it for the fall planting season on August 20, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. See more info from the group below:

The Ridgewood Community Garden has finally found a home in partnership with Grover Cleveland High School! We are looking forward to planting, maintaining, and harvesting some beautiful fall veggie crops from the new location on Metropolitan Ave. between Armory and Tonsor. Please join us to help clear the space of weeds, prune some existing plantings, and get to know your fellow neighborhood gardeners.

***Please bring your own gloves, pruners, trowels, or other tools if you have them.

Ridgewood community garden hosts first spring meeting


The folks behind the Ridgewood Community Garden that was shuttered by the MTA last year are hosting their first meeting of the spring to discuss plans for a new garden.

The meeting is scheduled for this Saturday at 1 p.m. at 1882 Woodbine Street. The group posted information about the meeting on Facebook:

All are invited to our first meeting of the season. Now that it’s finally warm, we’d like to talk with our neighbors about moving forward with the Ridgewood community garden project. We will discuss available lots and timelines, how to share our skills and resources, and come up with a plan together for what we can do to learn more about gardening, agriculture, and green space in New York City.

Organizers of shuttered community garden seek new space

Since the MTA locked the gates on a community garden in Ridgewood last week,  organizers are now looking at alternative options. They took the plea to Facebook this week, to ask the community.

“Hey Ridgewood! We are searching for a new home. Send pictures of the empty lot, backyard, or rooftop in your life that could support a community garden and resilience lab! Imagine a place to meet, experiment, plan and grow together, as a neighborhood whose future is far from certain. All we need is the space to do it!”

Posted by Ridgewood Community Garden on Monday, August 10, 2015


Petition started to save Ridgewood community garden

Ridgewood resident Clark Fitzgerald is spearheading efforts to open a community garden in his neighborhood.

The Ridgewood group trying to create a community garden in an underutilized MTA space at 760 Woodward Avenue has created a petition to the MTA to reach an agreement with the Ridgewood Community Garden to allow access to the lot and ensure its local stewardship through a garden license agreement.

The petition can be found here.

“The garden provides many benefits for our community as an educational & social resource, and especially as much-needed green space in the neighborhood,” the petition reads.

For more information about the community garden and Clark Fitzgerald, the man responsible for starting it, check out this story in Glendale Register: http://glendaleregister.com/view/full_story/26752565/article-A-garden-grows-in-Ridgewood?instance=home_news_bullets