First MTA bus redesign workshop is in Ridgewood

The MTA is redesigning the entire bus network in Queens, and they want the public to chime in on the changes.

Specifically, the redesign will result in fewer turns, fewer bus miles and better, more direct connections to subways.

There will be longer distances between stops and straighter paths for each route.

In Ridgewood, bus lines will run along Flushing Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Forest Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue and Fresh Pond Road.

To get a better sense of how your current bus line is changing (such as the Q58), check out the MTA’s route profiles here.

As part of their effort to solicit feedback from the public, the MTA is hosting a series of public workshops with tabletop maps for attendees to pinpoint their routes.

The first workshop will take place tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, located at 59-03 Summerfield Street.

All local routes will be reviewed, including those connecting and spanning Ridgewood.

If you’re a regular bus rider and your commute will be changed by the redesign, be sure to attend to give your feedback on the routes.