DOT to issue bus lane warnings on Fresh Pond

File photo

Starting on Monday, October 7, the Department of Transportation will begin issuing bus lane camera warnings along the Q58 bus route on Fresh Pond Road.

After 60 days of warning, DOT will then start issuing violations to motorists who block the bus lane.

The bus lane on Fresh Pond Road, which runs from 3 to 7 p.m. on weekdays in the southbound direction, was completed on August 27 as part of the mayor’s Better Buses Action Plan. The lane runs from Bleecker Street to Putnam Avenue.

In addition to the Q58, the QM 24/25/34 express bus routes also use the corridor.

Despite a lawsuit by the local civic association and a group of businesses to stop the bus lane, a Queens judge recently ruled against the removal of the lane.

According to the DOT, bus lane enforcement with cameras and other bus priority treatments have improved speeds between 7 and 31 percent.

Fresh Pond Road will be the first non-Select Bus Service (SBS) route to receive camera enforcement.

A violation will cost $50, with fines increasing with additional violations over a 12-month period.