RW Tenants Union hosts: The Total Ridgewood Gentrification Tour

This weekend, over a dozen Ridgewood businesses will participate in Brooklyn Based’s Total Ridgewood Immersion Tour. 

The day long event, set for June 3, is a self-guided walking tour of the neighborhood with pre-purchased “walking around money,” to spend at the participating businesses.

Not everyone is thrilled that Brooklyn Based has chosen Ridgewood for their first immersion tour of the year. The Ridgewood Tenants Union is hosting their own event in response, which they’re calling: The Total Ridgewood Gentrification Tour.

The Facebook event for the “gentrification tour” criticizes Brooklyn Based and the participating businesses.

Brooklyn Based will have you believe that this is an innocent and carefree daylong adventure where you will get to experience a new neighborhood, well how about you explore Ridgewood by first learning about how there is a housing crisis that is impacting our neighborhood and is causing more and more folks to lose their homes. If businesses such as Bonus Room,Madison New York, Saint Seneca Store, Onderdonk & Sons, etc. are not considering their impact in the ongoing gentrification of Ridgewood by being active participants in this Brooklyn Based event, then these are not the types of businesses we should be supporting.

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