15,000 bees transported to the 104 Precinct


Photo: Jon Kablack

What started out as a hobby has become a citywide job.

Officer Darren Mays of the 104th Precinct harvests bees in his upstate New York home and owns approximately 500,000 bees.

He uses these bees to make honey for his family and many of his honey loving friends. Last year, the police department’s only bee keeper known as “Tony Bees” who would be called in to take care of reported bee hives throughout the city, retired. Officer Mays was one of
three guys who were assigned to handle these jobs.

According to Mays, bees are to be protected and not just discarded so when he would be called to handle a hive, he would take it down and then transport them to their new home in upstate NY to start making honey.


Photo: Jon Kablack

Due to the over whelming demand from his precinct for honey, Officer Mays talked with his Commanding Officer, and it was decided that they would move approximately 10,000-15,000 bees to a homemade hive on the roof of the 104th Precinct.

“It will be a good learning experience for officers to see what goes into harvesting the bees for honey and preserving their lives. Plus they can take part in making their own honey.” Said Mays. Because of the height of the precinct, neighbors will never even know the hive is there.

When Mays was asked for any advice if one was to come across a hive in the city, he said report it to 911 and BEE careful.

Story by Jon Kablack.



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