District 34 Participatory Budget ballot revealed

34d0eaed-7ced-43c7-aad8-ab399e2bd509Ridgewood and North Brooklyn residents will have a say in what projects District 34 Councilman Antonio Reynoso will fund with $1 million in discretionary spending. The projects, which are below, will be on display at an upcoming expo, Saturday, March 26 at El Puente, 211 South 4th St.

Pictured above, are all of the polling sites for residents to exercise their right to vote at. Anyone who lives in the district and is over 14 years old is eligible to vote.

The list of projects to be voted on, is below:

  • 21st Century Technology at P.S. 120 and P.S. 132 – $285,000.00
    18 Beaver Street /320 Manhattan Avenue
    Includes smart boards, laptops, smart tables, a 3-D Printer, a green wall, and solar & weather panels.
  • Technology Upgrades at P.S. 239 and P.S. 18 – $400,000.00
    15-17 Weirfield Street /101 Maujer Street
    Includes two new laptop carts, two smart tables, a 3-D printers, six smart boards, and forty-two desktops.
  • Auditorium Facelift at P.S. 147 – $400,000.00
    325 Bushwick Avenue
    Includes 300 new chairs, a new stage, and re-wiring for better sound equipment.
  • A Cool Gym at P.S. 257 – $250,000.00
    60 Cook Street
    An air conditioner in the school gym, which is used throughout the school year and summer programming.
  • Visual Arts Classroom Upgrade – $200,000.00
    183 S. 3rd Street
    This upgrade at MS 50/El Puente Community School calls for upgrades to lighting for accurate color work, ceiling tracks to hang 3-D art work, and new floors for an all around visual arts experience.
  • Playground Upgrade at Williamsburg Houses – $350,000.00
    176 Maujer Street – Block 1
    This playground will get new benches, play equipment, and a sprinkler system.
  • Grounds Renovation at Bushwick Houses – $200,000.00
    50 Humboldt Street, Bushwick Houses
    This grounds renovation will focus on installing fence around an existing garden located behind the community center. It will be designed to budget and may include installing walkways and seating.
  • Repaving our Bushwick Parks – $500,000.00
    50 Humboldt Street, Bushwick Houses
    Maria Hernandez Park and Fermi Playground can expect ground pavement, landscaping, and modern benches.
  • Electrify our Libraries in District 34 – $360,000.00
    Bushwick, Leonard, and Dekalb Libraries
    This proposal will provide four electric charging tables at each one of our libraries: Leonard Street, Bushwick Avenue and Dekalb Avenue. Residents will be able to work and re-charge from the same place.
  • Upgrade to Activity Rooms – $200,000.00
    81 Devoe Street
    This proposal will upgrade the activity room in the Leonard Street Library and will include collapsible tables, folding chairs, rugs, freshly painted walls and new book bins.
  • Upgrade to Activity Rooms in District 34 – $600,000.00
    Bushwick and Dekalb Libraries
    This proposal will include collapsible tables, folding chairs, rugs, freshly painted walls and new book bins for all three district libraries: Leonard Street, Bushwick Avenue and DeKalb Avenue.
  • Real Time Passenger Boards – $60,000.00
    Ridgewood, Bushwick, and Williamsburg
    Real Time Passenger Information in Council District 34. DOT will choose site locations with the City Council office post budget adoption.

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