Police bust man they say might be responsible for car break-ins


Police have arrested one of the individuals wanted in conjunction with car break-ins in Ridgewood and Maspeth.

According to NYPD 104th Executive Officer Captain Gregory Mackie, police received a call of a drunk and disorderly person near the intersection of Palmetto Street and Cypress Avenue on Monday night. When they arrived, they recognized the suspect as a man they had just printed a wanted flier out for, and hung in the station. They immediately attempted to place him under arrest.

“He fought us for a while, resisted, but we did get him into custody,” Mackie said.

Police are advising residents to lock their vehicle doors and not to leave items of value inside their vehicles. Many of the incidents are crimes of opportunity – if a criminal sees something of value in the car. There have been an increasing number of incidents in upper Maspeth and the portion of Ridgewood that borders Bushwick.

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