Ridgewood man charged with animal cruelty

Brewster photo courtesy Adopt Boxer Rescue

A Ridgewood man who brought a starving boxer to a local animal shelter has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities were able to determine that he was the dogs owner and had not been able to properly feed or care for the dog, the Queens County District Attorney announced.

Anthony Esteves, 25, of Ridgewood, reportedly told shelter workers at Animal Care and Control in Rego Park, that he found the dog laying in the park, but it was eventually determined that he was lying, after police received an inquiry about the dog from the New York Daily News. After the newspaper reached out, police opened an investigation.

“It is alleged that the emaciated animal was severely malnourished and did not have the energy to walk when the defendant brought the animal to the shelter,” said District Attorney Richard Brown. “The defendant is accused of showing a complete disregard for the well being of this helpless animal when he failed to provide the basic necessities required to maintain the animal’s health. I commend the Daily News for bringing the matter to the attention of authorities.”

When the dog was brought in, it weighted 25 pounds and it appeared emaciated and skeletal. Based on it’s bone structure and height, the dog should have weighted approximately 60-65 pounds, according to the District Attorney’s office. Furthermore, according to ACC records, the dog did not have enough energy to walk and after the dog left there were blood stains in the kennel.

Esteves faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, first-degree falsifying business records and two counts of overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide sustenance. He faces up to four years in prison, if convicted.

The dog, named Brewster, is up for adoption through Adopt Boxer Rescue 

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